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Subject: Re: TC documents

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003, Mary wrote

> A message I sent to Bernard.

Mary, either I missed it, or it was destroyed in my email frontburner. In
either case I do not find that message and do not remember having received

>>Thanks for thinking about me. Your forwarded message has made me aware
>>I was not any more subscribed to tm-pubsubj, since I guess roughly the
>>of last month. I did not notice the event, nor was I warned of it by
>>anyone. So I missed a lot of fun, including election of an interim chair
>>(my congratulations to Patrick) and other stuff. I browsed the archives
>>tm-pubsubj last night, and felt somehow like sitting on the bank of the
>>road, seeing old friends moving on. Quite a dismay, actually ...

Seems like I'm on the road again :)

>No need to feel this way. We still need you to sort things out and
>continue as a member.

Thanks ... but beware of what you wish :)

>I just sent out two posts to have everyone review
>where we left of with the deliverables. The committee documents are all
>over the place, and it is hard to figure out where we are now. Where did
>you do the last updates? I finally found the London 2003 minutes, but it
>was not easy.
>If we have a backup of the entire website up to a particular date that
>would be useful. This is the one at Mondeca?

Yes, at http://www.mondeca.com/pubsubj/ I'd mirrored all the ante-Kavi
website structure and material. As you can see, it was last updated on July
4, including London minutes. We have several options, actually:
- Keep those pages alive and either update them or freeze theme at some
- Extract all relevant material and download it in Kavi, if someone figures
out how to make it easily. Since what Kavi will provide will be a flat list
of documents AFAIK, what we need is a full updated index.

>These were mapped to the old
>OASIS links, or are these pages still on an OASIS server?

I don't know, actually, but I don't think so. As said above, I mirrored
everything from my local files.

>I need to put the most relevant materials on our website, but it is hard
>to know what these are.


>1. PubSubj TC Process Requirements
>2. PubSubj TC Deliverables
>3. Proposals for deliverable 2: Lars Marius', Steve's and mine.
>Patrick has one too, I think, and we can add that to the others.
>4. Roster for 2003

That seems a minimal list. But IMO it would be good to keep the full
archives available. So what I suggest is to freeze the Mondeca site as of
July 2003 (correcting some details maybe)to provide August 2001 - July 2003
archives, and simply upload in Kavi an index of relevant material for this

Further documents (starting August 2003) should be IMO uploaded in Kavi.


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