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Subject: TC roster : needs updating

A few months ago, the trouble with the TC was it has no chair. Now it seems
we have two of them, which is way too many.
See http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=tm-pubsubj

The situation is as following - I'll try to make is as simple as can be,
but not simpler. Mondeca's OASIS membership was expiring on July 1st. After
some hesitations, it was decided here not to renew it, for reasons
explained at the time. So I decided to shift to individual membership to
keep working with the TC. My first attempt to do so last month just got
stuck somewhere in the on-line payment process. So Scott suggested that I
went through a renewal form. That I did last week, and it worked over all
expectations, since I've resumed all my previous administrative rights on
the TC workspace : roster management, document upload, ballots etc ... and
even the Chair position!

I wonder what we should do with that, given that I should consider myself
as a simple TC member now, since an interim chair has been voted. In fact,
given the breakdown in my OASIS membership, the correct process should be
for me to apply to Patrick, and go through the 3 months of provisional
membership. In any case, the TC roster currently listing me as TC chair
along with Patrick should be changed ASAP. Whatever the TC proposes about
it I will stick to.

Along the same lines, Suellen is still listed as TC secretary, although she
does not belong any more to the TC AFAIK. Which figures the TC has no more

Bottom question is : who is in charge of the TC roster right now? Since I
have access rights to the roster, I can sort out things technically, but I
have to know exactly what to do.


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