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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] TC roster : needs updating

Lars Marius

> * Bernard Vatant
> |
> | I wonder what we should do with that, given that I should consider
> | myself as a simple TC member now, since an interim chair has been
> | voted.
> I think we should go with the interim chair for now. Do you want to
> come back as chair, or are you happy with things as they are?

See my other message about the ballot. Things as they are are fine to me.

> | In fact, given the breakdown in my OASIS membership, the correct
> | process should be for me to apply to Patrick, and go through the 3
> | months of provisional membership.
> Then let's do that, and have you become an ordinary member at the end
> of those 3 months, unless someone proposes something else.


> | Along the same lines, Suellen is still listed as TC secretary,
> | although she does not belong any more to the TC AFAIK. Which figures
> | the TC has no more secretary.
> Mr Chair (that is, Patrick): would you like a secretary, or are you
> happy with things as they are?

I think Suellen has answered herself :)

> | Bottom question is : who is in charge of the TC roster right now?
> | Since I have access rights to the roster, I can sort out things
> | technically, but I have to know exactly what to do.
> I think you and Patrick should sort out the practicalities between the
> two of you, and then make sure it happens once the TC has decided what
> it wants.

Patrick, I can take care of the most urgent but simple task, strike my
chair position on the roster.
Will take a few seconds, just waiting for the green light.


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