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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] Positions, process and PubSubj


> I think we have all known each other and worked together long enough
> that the various position questions are largely a matter of complying
> with the process that is required.


> Since we are now procedurally valid, let's turn our attention to
> substative questions and see if we can capatalize on all the good work
> that Mary reminded me has already been done for PubSubj.

I'll be back to that ASAP. I'm clearing my mind of the technical and
process stuff first.

> It is my hope that the work in this TC (and other related ones) will be
> so relevant and important to both its current and potential members,
> that not only will our current members stay, but we will attract others
> to share the load that has been borne by you and others for a long time.

Let's share that hope ...


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