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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] Meeting attendance 2001-2003


> Thanks for the info. Do you still WANT to edit the website or would
> it be easier for me to do it since I have admin access?

I'm not particularly eager to keep on with that task. Please proceed.

> It wouldn't
> bother me to give you access as well if you want to keep doing it.
> Since it seems possible to have 2 secretaries in the system, we
> could let you in that way. (don't know what the policies are or how
> rigid we need/want to be) I just wanted to check. Patrick has asked
> me if I want/will do it but a lot of the files are already on the
> Mondeca site. Your thoughts?

Most files that are on Mondeca mirror site are actually still on OASIS
servers in their former directory, frozen as they were before Kavi
deployment, and particularly all the "docs" directory. See:

There is no way to update this directory now, but it should be at least
accessible from the TC Home Page, or from the "Documents" page. Can you do
that ?


Bernard Vatant
Senior Consultant
Knowledge Engineering
Mondeca - www.mondeca.com

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