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Subject: TC meeting in Amsterdam??

Hi Patrick, Hi All...

I'll be taking part in the next Conf Call on 8th March, but I'm wondering 
if we have progressed on possible dates for an April meeting in or around 
the XML Europe Conference. I have had to commit already for hotel booking, 
as will have others...

As the conference finishes midday on the Wednesday, is there any desire to 
stay longer, or rather to hold a F2F earlier in the week or even during the 
weekend preceding??

All the best, talk to you all soon


Peter Brown
Head of Information Resources Management, European Parliament

Affiliation is indicated for information only. The contents of this mail 
should be considered as reflecting the views of, and engaging, only the 
author. Formal correspondence with the European Parliament should be 
addressed to gri@europarl.eu.int

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