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Subject: RE: [tm-pubsubj] Contradicting a PSI

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 20:54, Bernard Vatant wrote:
> Patrick
> I meant (I think Lars Marius also) a contradiction in the following sense
> Publisher declares a PSI to identify a subject A
> User uses it as a PSI to identify a topic X, of which actual subject is B,
> not identical to A.
> 'A is not identical to B' means 'it exists some assertion true for B that
> is false for A'.
> This is the simplest way to say two subjects are different : you can say
> something which is true for one and false for the other.
> This is in which the user 'contradicts' the publisher definition.

I think we need to be very careful before adopting this term.
Contradiction (in English) means 180&degree; opposition, not
merely a small variation or *some* assertion true for B which is 
false for A: it means *all* assertions which were true for B are 
false for A.

Perhaps "colliding" or "conflicting" PSIs would be closer?


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