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Subject: Consistency of name and id attributes

Dear TOSCA team,

This mail is about names (type: xs:NCame or xs:string, dependend on context)
and IDs (type: xs:ID) of things.

In the specification, EntityTypes and EntityTypeImplementations carry a name
(xs:NCame) and no ID. A ServiceTemplate carries an ID. A ServiceTemplate may
also optionally carry a name (xs:string). Why is this method (mandatory id
and an optional name) not used at EntityTypes and EntityTypeImplementations,
too? My argument would be consistency reasons. As a side node, IMHO a name
attribute should always be of the same type to avoid confusion. IMHO, a
thing should always be referenced the same way throughout a document.

In the context of EntitytTemplates an id is always required, but a name (xs:
string) is optional at NodeTemplates, RelationshipTemplates,
ArtifactTemplates, Policies, but required at Requirements, Capabilities. The
specification on line 821 lists the name of a Requirement as optional, but
required on line 591,642. Similar issue for Capabilities: optional on line
821, but required on lines 595,656. IMHO, the name should always be
Possibly, a supplementary document should explain the taken design



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