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Subject: Editorial comments on TOSCA V2 draft

I attach a word document containing a number of comments on the TOSCA v2 draft.


Some of these are pure editorial, e.g. spelling, wording and cut and paste error correction. Other comments fall into these themes:

  • YAML is the only language
  • Folded comment style and double quotes
  • Policy definition in general and period in particular
  • Node states
  • Normative types in examples
  • Environment variables and artefact arguments
  • Generalization of Get_node_type by allowing node type in node filters
  • Documentation of optional and required elements


Please feel free to create separate threads for any of these which you feel deserve greater attention.

Paul Jordan
OSS Specialist
BT Technology | Tel: +44 (0) 1473629289 | paul.m.jordan@bt.com

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Attachment: TOSCA-v2.0-pj.docx
Description: TOSCA-v2.0-pj.docx

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