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Subject: Re: [tosca-comment] RE: TOSCA workflows

Hi Adam,

We have developed something similar where we could declare arbitrary workflow fragments (including deploy and undeploy) to each node type and we are weaving these workflow fragments according to the node templates and relationships.


De: "Adam Souzis" <adam@onecommons.org>
Ã: "Chris Lauwers" <lauwers@ubicity.com>
Cc: "Philippe Merle" <philippe.merle@univ-lille.fr>, "tosca-comment" <tosca-comment@lists.oasis-open.org>
EnvoyÃ: Lundi 28 FÃvrier 2022 21:07:34
Objet: Re: [tosca-comment] RE: TOSCA workflows

Hi Phillipe,
I missed your message the first time around (thanks Chris for getting this in my inbox again). To answer your question: Unfurl supports TOSCA workflows. I extended the spec in a couple of ways:

* workflows can be imported
* workflow's âtargetâ keyword also accepts type names

Together these extensions enable workflows to be associated with node types much like interfaces, enabling them to be used to define custom workflow for "day 2" operations, like back-up and restore.


On Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 11:54 AM Chris Lauwers <lauwers@ubicity.com> wrote:
Hi Philippe,

I'm curious about your use case for imperative workflows. We have had discussions about removing support for imperative workflows from the language and generalizing support for declarative ("automatically generated") workflows. We have also looked at supporting a more general "state/event" model where topology-wide behavior "emerges" as a result of state/event transition tables defined locally on each node and/or relationship.



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Subject: [tosca-comment] TOSCA workflows


I am conducting a research work around TOSCA imperative workflows.
Could one point me to freely available TOSCA imperative workflow examples?
Which TOSCA orchestrators could execute TOSCA imperative workflows?

Thank you in advance for your replies.
Philippe Merle
Inria researcher

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