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Subject: Groups - Action Item "SugarCRM Template: Define "base" Node types" Closed

Action Item Subject: SugarCRM Template: Define "base" Node types
Item Number: #0000

Decide what (non-normative) "base types" are needed to realize the SugarCRM service template (e.g. WebServer->ApacheWS, WebApp, DB, DBContent, etc.) and the necessary topology nodes.

Owner: Derek Palma
Status: Closed
Priority: High
Due Date: N/A

Mr. Matthew Rutkowski 2012-10-01 18:51 UTC
Derek presented an early "base" (node) type system that shows the "specific" derived types used for the current SugarCRM service template on 2012-10-01. He is working offline with Thomas to tighten up before next week's SC meeting.

Mr. Matthew Rutkowski 2012-10-01 19:20 UTC
Resolution of this issue will provide guidance on how to name SugarCRM nodes and determine what operations may be needed for different types of nodes.

Mr. Matthew Rutkowski 2012-10-01 19:40 UTC
A graphical view of the current node-types can can be seen on the slide titled "SugarCRM Topology Template" Thomas posted and reviewed with the SC on 2012-09-24.

Mr. Matthew Rutkowski 2012-11-05 15:13 UTC
The proposed base type system for SugarCRM interop has been discussed since 2012-10-17 so am closing this action item.

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SugarCRM-20120914.pptx (58K) 2012-09-24 Download | View Details

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