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Subject: Groups - Action Item "SugarCRM Template: Resolve use of "name" property" Modified

Action Item Subject: SugarCRM Template: Resolve use of "name" property
Item Number: #0004

Discuss use of "name" property as navigatable (i.e. referenceable) vs. descriptive name. Currently, at the service template level, the name is used as a descriptive property and on nodes it is used for navigation. It has been suggested that we should perhaps decide on a property such as "name" for description and come up with another name for a navigatable property so the two are not confused. It was also discussed that a property like "identifier" is not necessarily navigatable either; therefore, we need a proposal for a new property name and likely need to create clear definitions for the use of each of these properties (for template readers and primer).

Owner: Mr. Thomas Spatzier
Status: Open
Priority: Medium
Due Date: N/A

Mr. Matthew Rutkowski 2012-11-05 16:15 UTC
Ken suggests a 3rd option that the name property be navigable in all instances.

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