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Subject: ACTION NEEDED: Eurocloud Interop. Demo Particpants

If your company is participating in the EuroCloud Public Interop. Demo, please send me the as much of the following ASAP:

1) Company Logo - Currently, I am using ones obtained from each of your company sites in PNG format and saved with a "transparent" background so it will look good on any background. You can see what I am using in the draft (in a day or so) and send me an update if you want a different one.

2) Product Name - Please send me the proper name of the "cloud" product or tool as you wish it to appear on the flyer.

3) Brief description of Product - 1 or 2 sentences about what your product does in relation to TOSCA (i.e. orchestration, modeling, etc.) to explain what you are capable of with TOSCA.

4) Company TOSCA support statements - In case we have a need, please see if an approved "TOSCA" statement can be provided regarding the benefits of TOSCA in relationship to your company's cloud capabilities. I have no immediate place on the "flyer" for these, but can look to use them once I see what comes in as long as we get representation from most companies.

Use my email at IBM (for any file attachments):


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