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Subject: Interop. SC mtg. affected by end of "summer time" next week

Dear Interop. SC members,

We are reaching that time of year when various countries (or regions) leave what is called "summer time" or "daylight savings time" (DST) and return back to "standard time" (xST). Karsten noted on our call that on Sunday, October 27, Germany will be changing their clocks back one hour HOWEVER, the U.S. is not changing our clocks until Sunday, November 3.  

This means that next week's call for anyone in Germany (or in a country with a similar discrepancy) the meeting will appear to be at a different time until ALL countries resolve to the same "standard time" (i.e., one hour earlier than normal if I am thinking properly).

Please everyone verify your calendar has handled this 1 week change properly so that we can have a productive call next Monday.

Thanks, Matt

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