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Subject: Some comments/feedback on Primer

A colleague of mine just sent me comments on the Primer I wanted to capture if we end up revising it.


Hi Matt,

I hope you don't mind a few comments/suggestions on the primer dated  January 31, 2013. .  I meant to send this a while ago but it got lost in my drafts folder, so they may no longer be valid.  

I found a few typos in the Primer as I was reading it"
Page 59, middle says "Below we show . . . SugarCRM, Apache, and MySQL service. . ."  I think it should be changed to ". . . Apache Web Server, Apache Web Application, and Apache Module. . ."

Page 61, Diagram show Apache Web Server being derived from Apache Module.  The arrow between them should be removed.  Instead, the TOSCA Root Node should be in the Base Layer with Apache Module being derived from that.

I also have suggestions for making the primer easier to read
Many terms are used before they are defined.  For example, "Node Template" is used on page 18 and many times thereafter but is not defined until page 49.  What makes that one especially irksome is that page 21 says that node types will not be distinguished from node templates.  But the reader doesn't know what the difference between node type and node template is at that point

It would be helpful to have more diagrams instead of just XML snippets in Chapters 1-5 to demonstrate the relationships between objects.  

Best Regards,

Howard L. Operowsky, Ph.D.

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