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Subject: 2014-08-04 Interop. SC minutes

Minutes for Interop. SC for on 2014-08-04 GMT-08:00 
Called to order at 8:05 US central.
Attendees: Yaron, Derek, Paul, Karsten, Matt, Richard, Wayne, Derek
Reviewed current draft for kiosk w/ animations...
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Company slide title, please use semantics that match your company as long as they can be seen to map to TOSCA ecosystem semantics its fine.
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: we will review all company slides next Monday
[08:31] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: ToDo: Reconsider slides from a font size legibility standpoint in a large room. Note especially the names of the clouds in graphics and also perhaps the yellow boxes (like architects) in slide 7
[08:36] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: SLIDE 10: Add canonical and vmware logos (on slide 10), also cloudify logo update. Also, dates are in different formats
[08:42] Matt Rutkowski (IBM)11: Matt to attempt to put "faded" logos on title slide to see how it looks (and get company/particiption message as early as possible)
[08:42] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: SLIDE 10: http://getcloudify.org/ has the logo for cloudify open source community. Replace the cloudify inc in the open source section
[08:42] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: ToDo: Matt adding faded logos trying on title slide first, but considering slide 2 as a backup
[08:44] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: Slide 12: If CSD02 approved by the time we have to hand this in, change resource to point to CSD02.
[08:57] Sent transcript to: mrutkows@us.ibm.com
[08:57] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: ACTION: Matt to send TC a refresh "reminder" soliciting JUST the slides (and noting no requirement for videos)
Adjourned at 8:57

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