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tosca-interop message

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Subject: 2014-08-25 Interop. SC minutes

Minutes for tosca interop. SC
2014-08-25 GMT-08:00
Attendees: Matt, Paul, Derek, Karsten, Peter, Matt
called to order at 10:06 US central
Matt: Ton plans to work on the ODCA kiosk video to have a draft by EOD tomorrow (Tues.) will post to TC and rely upon email comments until we can convene Interop. SC again.
[08:39] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Work items:
[08:40] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): 1) Matt to create "speaker" deck adding back links slide and using Forecast 2014 Master layout. Plans to finish by Friday
[08:40] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): 2) Paul to followup with Jane on Flyer
[08:40] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): 3) Karsten to start FAQ development on tomorrows Educ. call goal at least 4 good questions to use on panel if needed.
[08:41] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): 4) Paul to host educ. call 2 weeks from now. Will schedule separately via TC emails (new webex etc.)
[08:41] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): 5) Cancel Interop. SC and Educ. call next week due to US holiday
[09:00] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): adjourned 10:58 US Central

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