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Subject: 2015-02-16 Interop. SC minutes

8:06 Meeting called to order.
Attendees: Matt, Richard, Paul, Don, Karsten, Jurgen, Peter

- Matt observed that we are past the 6 month lead time to start more developer-centric discussion of use cases
and no other use cases have been offered; however, no strong committment to N-Tier logging use case either.
- Matt wondered 2 things 1) Several companies may be waiting for Openstack Heat (Translator/parser) ref. impl.
- Paul indicated should not be called a ref. impl.
- Matt rephrased to call it an open source impl. and 2) companies may be still tied to an XML impl., such as Huawei has expressed
- Karsten indicated he is still waiting on feedback, but no indications the N-Tier use case could not be used. Acknowledged that parser work in Open
- Paul ack. that XML spec. was an OASIS standard and had to accept
- Matt said he saw no choice but to assume the N-Tier use case and move forward as the use case to build sorylines around.  Look at shifting this mtg. to focus on creating a CSAR and scrutinizing scripts/scenarios around.
- Message would still be an "ecosystem" message and as in the past 2 "interop." events we would somehow work to tie in those companies that had other use cases or slides of support.
- Derek: concerned with watering down message, we should find ways to encourage impls. that support the current spec./use case
- Matt: indicated we should discss at TC some conformance statements towards inclusiuon in YAML simple profile spec. so that companies could accurately claim conformance at the time of OSCON
- Paul: cautioned that OASIS as strict guidelines that he would help link to
- Matt: asked about testcases for conformance.
- Paul: indicated we cannot include testcases in conformance section/spec. that it would be a non-normative document.
- Matt: conclusion after much discussion, we do not want to prevent people from participating and supporting TOSCA ecosystem (as we have allowed in past), but also we cannot force people to use the use case we offered only suggest that it would make a company a better part of main storyline. 
- Paul: we are still growing spec. and support, we should make sure messaging aligns with TM&E
- Matt: agrees that we should recongnize we have many areas in TOSCA... networking, NFV, containers, monitoring.. that perhaps we are holding to this notion of "interop" and a single use case too closely given the wide range of TOSCA usages.
- Karsten: Agrees, we should focus message to align with materials TM&E is creating and include monitoring, Container messages, etc.
- Matt: indicated that, as always, the TC must approve any video, slide or message to assure it is appropriate and that claims align with TOSCA TC message.
Adjourned at 11:02 local time

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