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Subject: 2015-03-02 Interop. SC minutes

[08:04] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Called to order at 10:04
[08:04] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Attendees: Karsten, Chris, Derek, Shitao, Matt, Paul
Matt: summarized last week's call discussion and conclusions.
[08:38] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt showed the target use case for OSCON, which is the N-Tier use case for those companies who want to use the same CSAR file from section G of current YAML spec.
Note: we renamed from "monitoring" as to avoid conflicts with the design/semantics being developed at the TOSCA Monitoring ad-hoc work group.
[08:39] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: confirmed to Karsten, that CSAR support not in OpenStack for various reasons (Glance support etc. not complete)
[08:39] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: indicated we work from an "extracted CSAR directory structure" currently on OpenStack for this use case and at least the 3 tiers are all running according to his developers.
[08:34] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: will commit to creating a draft CSAR file of the N-tier logging use case by Friday and share to TC documents area which should cause an email notice to members
[08:34] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): If any issues arise, Matt will let people know if this cannot happen
[08:35] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt will also look to post a link to the current Parser code and source code for the N-Tier use case via email to TC
[08:35] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt points out that Parser can be used independently of the HOT/Heat emitter part
[08:35] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): so other companies could use this code to generate TOSCA XML, or other formats for their Cloud
[08:36] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: March is month for things to start happening around OSCON
[08:36] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: More dialog with OSCON on BoF session going on
[08:37] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: March 17 TM&E would need a backup chair to assure any March OSCON deliverables are met
[08:39] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): adjourned at 10:39

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