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Subject: DRAFT CSAR for OSCON - N-Tier Logging use case

Interop SC,

Just uploaded to the Interop. SC's document area the ZIP file which contains the first draft of the CSAR file we intend to use as the central use case we intend to use for OSCON (in developing our ecosystem storyline).

Here is the link:


Please note that we fully intend to discuss and alter the contents as we work with our Interop. SC partners to assure we all can use the same initial CSAR as a basis regardless of what aspect, platform or extension of the use case each respective company intends to show.

In addition, for those familiar with the CSAR format and TOSCA metafile, you will notice some subtle changes that loosen the requirements on directory structure.  Thomas is working on text to explain this which will be added to a Simple Profile in YAML specification working draft soon.

Please feel to submimt questions to the SC email list or bring them to the Monday meetings.

Thanks to Sahdev Zala and Ton Ngo for preparing the CSAR and contents and for Thomas' review of CSAR.

Kind regards,

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