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tosca-interop message

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Subject: 2015-03-16 Interop. SC minutes

Chat transcript from room: tosca-interop
2015-03-16 GMT-08:00
[08:02] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Attendees
[08:02] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt, Christopher (Fujitsu), Shitao, Larry
[08:03] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Derek
[08:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Juergen
[08:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul
[08:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev, Peter
[08:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt indicated that a new CSAR for OSCON sample app was uploaded by Sahdev Friday
[08:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt indicates that mostly normative type defn. were updated in this latest CSAR to reflect current spec changes
[08:08] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt indicates that by end of March all spec. updates for next CSD would be mostly done
[08:08] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): and we would freeze CSAR (definitions) against that version
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Shitao, there is no DB requirement yet between Nodejs and DB
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev indicates we have yet to find an application
[08:10] anonymous morphed into Peter Gibbels (HP)
[08:12] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt indicates we tested ith PayPal SDK (Paypal license, totally royalty free, completely unencumbered)
[08:13] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul we could host CSAR offsite [from OASIS] if needed, but we are just referencing some code elsewhere.  No copyrights violated, so perhaps not an issue
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: perhaps some built-in sample within Nodejs could be used instead
Matt: did not see any samples that would be worthy of a demo and use MongoDB.  We do want to use Nodejs to show a popular web server (it was a goal of ours)
[08:15] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Derek: confirm if Paypal app is part of samples (Nodejs samples) and if so use it
[08:16] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt believes Paypal is not built-in because he saw the pull from the catalog
[08:18] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev, Ton and Matt will investigate
[08:24] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: no updates from OASIS staff/OSCON dialog. None planned til after end of March (April perhaps)
[08:26] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Chris: Heat-Translator was looking for its GitHub repo.
[08:27] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev will provide link to Heat-Translator repo via email
Matt: asks for help contributing to OpenStack Heat-Translator as we know many companies are already helping (Huawei, Gigaspaces, Alcatel, others) and IBM has 3.5 people working on different areas, but need more help to assure it support OSCON use cases earlier than later.
[08:36] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): adjourned 10:31

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