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tosca-interop message

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Subject: 2015-04-06 Interop. SC minutes

Minutes for
2015-04-06 GMT-08:00
Called to order at 10:06 US Central
Matt noted web conference password change;  Richard is not able to use no password; hopefully this will self-correct and quiesce by next week.
[08:21] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): https://stmeetings.na.collabserv.com/stmeetings/room/join/access?id=3842-0021
[08:21] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): password SHOULD be "tosca"
[08:46] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: @Matt, please post link to CSAR file in Kavi?
[08:52] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: Never mind, I found it.
[09:01] Paul Lipton (co-chair) private: @Matt, please post some basic attendance/minutes, if you would be so kind
[09:02] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tosca-interop/download.php/55217/2015-03-06%20tosca_elk_DRAFT_CSAR.zip
[09:03] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Next week, we need to firm up the overall interop event leaders for OSCON, Matt made it clear he cannot fulfill this role this time around
[09:04] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): next week we will also begin taking a poll of yes/no of who will be at OSCON
[09:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: asked Paul to setup a call with Jane OASIS Staff wit himself and SC leadership towards asking about and firming up plans for interop. forms and dates/deadlines for fees etc.
[09:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: indicate OASIS Foundational sponsorships can be used as credits towards this event with OASIS and IBM will use one for OSCON interop
[09:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev took SC through latest CSAR file for ELK use case for OSCON interop
[09:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev emphasized all components/scripts now run and that structure of CSAR is complete taking us through general scripts/python and defintions directory structure
[09:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev showed TOSCA.meta which contains map of csar dir. structure
[09:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: points out that Compute properties still need to be moved to Container cap. type
[09:08] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: pointed out that Python and version assumptions for Ubuntu are made in this use case (Ubuntu built into templates) so that Python SHOULD work
[09:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): but that Python and other interpreted non-Bash are not part of TOSCA and we need a better way to describe/handle using artifacts defn. to that end Sahdev opened JIRA issue 230, https://issues.oasis-open.org/browse/TOSCA-230
[09:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): again try the CSAR out, feedback via SC call OR better via email lists to TC or SC.
[09:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): adjourned at 11:01 CST
[09:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Attendees: Matt, Sahdev, Paul, Don, Richard

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