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Subject: 2015-04-13 Interop. SC minutes

Minutes for tosca-interop SC 2015-04-13 GMT-08:00:

[08:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): meeting called to order at 10:05
[08:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt, sahdev, peter, karsten, shitao
[08:05] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Derek
[08:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul
[08:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): OSCON updates: Paul: limited udpates today, booth size concern 10x10 perhaps 6x8, 8x9 now
[08:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): OASIS complained and close to original size promised
[08:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): paul, karsten and richard reaching out to companies to firm up support for participation
[08:08] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): going around the room...
[08:08] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Shitao: Huawei investigating with colleagues; currently not 100% sure we can finish demo by the OSCON timeframe
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Shitao: but can send video by OSCON if not able to confirm attendance
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: most demos are by video
[08:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: videos are the primary "ask" for the OSCON event
[08:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): attendance in person is just a bonus
[08:11] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: still looking at a BoF or private meeting room, but that is not as important as video
[08:12] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: does this mean 90% certainty? We do not need 100% now, just want to see if companies are trying for this
[08:12] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Shitao: yes that is fine to say
[08:12] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Shitao [that huawei is trying] hoping for final confirmation by early May
[08:13] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: Peter, does HP intend to show or provide video?
[08:13] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Peter: HP is not a sponsor of OSCON, so not able to confirm as of yet, looked at stakeholders
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Peter: currently, those OSCON stakeholders are not able to commit. So for now would have to say no
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Peter: Their priorities this time are different
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: thanks Peter for his efforts
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: Same questions for Karsten (Fujitsu)
[08:15] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: positive to intent, but still not able to confirm, still seeking this week with the appropriate VP
[08:15] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: believes he may be able to convince him with video on OpenStack
[08:16] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: assumes use of Heat-Translator codebase
[08:16] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: will check next week for updated status
[08:17] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: May 1st (approx.) would be the better date to provide confirmation
[08:18] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: Paul we should add 3rd column, which would be "send a person"
[08:25] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): https://developer.ibm.com/opentech/2015/04/09/tosca-simple-profile-next-level/
[08:25] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard joined call
[08:25] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: located OSCON SAP leaders
[08:26] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard; generally early impression is positive
[08:26] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: belief that "more content is good"
[08:26] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: not over-the-line to get support or Bof, but optimistic at this point
[08:27] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: let us plan to use the same abstract (for now) for OSCON as we did for ODCA
[08:27] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: not 100%, but trying to attend,
[08:27] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: SAP will not have a video
[08:28] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard adds that SAP will be TOSCA supporters and reuse same/similar slide as we had previously
[08:29] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: Derek: Cannot confirm live attendance, but plan to have video and slide
[08:30] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Derek: other activities around time may impact attendance, if person attends it is likely me [Derek]
[08:30] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: 4k attendance at OSCON, it is a great event, lots of industry and thought leaders
[08:34] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: CA is supportive of TOSCA, but nothing to confirm at this time. Hopes that with recent participation in monitoring group he is hopeful
[08:35] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: 90-100% likely to attend in support of event
[08:39] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: Asks for Sahdev's update on ELK CSAR file for OSCON demo
[08:44] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: uploaded CSAR here: Matt: Asks for Sahdev's update on ELK CSAR file for OSCON demo
[08:45] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tosca/download.php/55428/2015-04-13%20tosca_elk_DRAFT_CSAR.zip
[08:46] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: confirmed he received comments from Christopher at Fujitsu to Karsten
[09:02] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Adjourned at 11:02

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