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Subject: 2015-04-20 Interop. SC minutes

2015-04-20 GMT-08:00
[07:59] anonymous morphed into Christopher Kaufmann (FJ)
[08:03] anonymous morphed into Richard Probst (SAP)
[08:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Attendees: Chris, Juergen, Richard, Matt, Paul, Don
[08:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: 2 passes, nominal charge 25$ for expo center, OASIS for 700$ fee will prvide free wifi and other things
[08:11] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: Issue of getting speakers into BoF, Jane said should be no problem, we will get them in
[08:11] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten joinde
[08:12] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Please call back in i dont know what happened
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: indicates that (non-binding) that Fujitsu has interest in attending now
[08:14] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten, confirmed video / demo participation and will try to have 1 staff on-site in portland
[08:17] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: confirms that non TOSCA TC members can provide TOSCA updates, as long a they do not make claims or promises to specification or other TC work products or activities
[08:17] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten, wanted this clarification because OASIS member Companies have people regionally that want to attend and present TOSCA items, but not necessarily TC members
[08:18] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: still awaiting discount codes
[08:18] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): for OSCON and shared pass for full conference
[08:18] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: What is critical mass to make sure we have reasonable number for interop. Jane indicates that number is 4
[08:20] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: asked Richard to approach SAP rep. for OSCON towards BoF
[08:21] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: did volunteer to pursue, needs more info to who in OSCSON can help setup a BoF
[08:21] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: so that SAP has a point of contact
[08:22] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: has located SAP person resp. for OSCON and will continue to pursue
[08:22] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: asked Richard and Karsten to continue to work on outreach this week
[08:22] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: will ask Gigaspaces and Zenoss
[08:23] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Paul: indicates someone needs to approach Alcatel and others, division of labor appreciated
[08:24] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: took action to HP and Gigaspaces, of course HP results are known via Peter last week and Gigaspaces still outstanding, follow-up coming
[08:26] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: Personal note: oldest daughter just started Boston marathon as elite runners crossed 17-mile mark
[08:26] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Richard: will approach alcatel
[08:28] Karsten Beins (Fujitsu): Cool - thumbs pressed for her!
[08:33] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: noted new CSAR file from Sahdev, apologies as he is helping with a class and cannot attend today, continue to use email and attend YAML WG Tuesdays to bring up issues.
[08:33] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: 1 issue addressed last week and discussed over email and result will loosen spec. up
[08:34] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Karsten: Will want to show complimentary value of containers (Docker), but not attempt to step on their intended spaces, but may want to challenge them harder. Specific sentence(s) under review at OSCON
[08:35] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): since this audience is more receptive to more enterprise - view of Docker and other Tech.
[08:35] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt adjourned

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