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Subject: 2015-06-22 Interop. SC minutes

Mnutes for 2015-06-22 GMT-08:00
[08:04] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): attendees: Chris, Karsten, Don, Richard, Sahdev, Matt, Juergen
[08:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev status: CSAR uploaded new draft last week to TC
[08:06] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: Chris tested this version and identified a couple things
[08:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: it deployed, some indentation was fixed in templates
[08:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: 1 workitem was in-progress, which is now checked in
[08:07] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: Chris had to do minor change to a script
[08:08] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: working with Vahid and Chris to see why scripts were different
[08:09] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: We also have remaining CSAR issues about where CSAR gets "unzipped" to, working with Chris to see how to approach this
[08:10] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Sahdev: will get with Vahid on change needed to scripts and get back to Chris
[08:17] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: Chris and Sahdev can share what we intend to show from Kibana and assure our videos have different messages despite same codebase. 
Derek: able to create video for Vnomic; should we create audio?
[08:19] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: no audio/narration needed for videos, expect booth workers to share message for TOSCA and provide TM&E messaging being developed, messaging should all be a "TOSCA" message
[08:20] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: companies can add captions to video or logos if they want, TC must approach.  Matt assumes Huawei will produce a video as they have done in the past 2 interops. and will contact the TC or SC if they have issues.
[08:22] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: upload videos to Tosca TC "as ready"
[08:23] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Matt: IBM will share our video (drafts) to TC and with Fujitsu as they are ready.  We have never had an interop where multiple companies are using the same open source codebase (i.e.,  OpenStack Heat-Translator) so we will need to make sure videos have variety.
[08:29] Matt Rutkowski (IBM): Adjourned

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