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Subject: Simple Cloud ID

The announcement below was just
distributed to an OASIS IdM group.

The SCIM work is prominently on
the agenda for the conference. The
SCIM effort appears to exist as a
substantial industry forum with bindings
to both OASIS and the IETF.  The
standards forum page is at:

How is this to be coordinated within
TOSCA?  Now that the ITU-T FG
Cloud material were formally submitted
this afternoon in Geneva, it seems timely
to begin herding the standards cats, no;
and SCIM actually seems like an interesting
platform that is similar to cloud related
platforms being pursued in 3GPP SA3
for the mobile world.


Oranised by
EEMA logo

 Hosted by
Bern Univ logo

Conference Partner
TDL logo


The European eID Interoperability Concepts and Compliance Conference
27-28 March 2012, Biel, Switzerland

"Current Perspective and Initiatives in Government and Business"


Call for Papers - deadline extended to 16 January 2012

If you have not yet responded to the call for papers there is still time ....

The planning is well underway for this Annual European Identity Interoperability Conference and we now welcome programme contributions from you. Presenting at this conference is an ideal opportunity to share your organisations' thoughts, findings, ideas, and strategies on this important topic. You will also gain valuable feedback and alternative opinions and solutions from your industry peers.

The last year has seen some dramatic industry developments and innovations; however, there are many issues that have still not been resolved. Now in its 7th year, this annual conference will address these and many other issues. Organised by EEMA, this conference acts as a neutral forum where industry, business and administrations can address specific areas of importance in the digital identity arena. It also facilitates the exchange of ideas amongst delegates who want to learn and build upon their knowledge in a relaxed, constructive environment. This year we will also be joined by TDL (Trust in Digital Life) who will be demonstrating various eID interoperability solutions and technologies.

The conference will explore how the interoperability of European Identity is evolving in practise and the implications for governments, businesses and the citizen today. It will focus on key subject areas such as the emergence of federated attributes and we would like to receive presentation submissions - user case studies and best practices are particularly welcome (please note that product placement is not acceptable, and that non-eema member speakers will be asked to contribute a nominal amount of €150 to cover basic conference costs).

We invite you to propose a presentation or panel discussion - please respond to f.hawkins@eema.org with answers to the questions at the end of this message by 16th January 2012 and we will be back to you by the end of January.

Suggested (but not limited to) topics include:

  • Specific cross border service provision compliance challenges and their possible solutions
  • Examples of how business are making use of e-IDs such as National schemes
  • Case studies from the banking sector
  • Discovering the key legal, privacy implications and compliance issues of cross border eID
  • Cross border interoperability challenges and their possible solutions
  • Mobile Identity verification and applications
  • Revision of the eSignature Directive
  • What Federation technologies and models are deploying now and what standards are dominating?
  • Monetising of identity - examples of how business is building a business case by taking advantage of external eIDs and attributes.
  • The emerging importance of distributed attribute federation and possible applications.
  • Identity Management in the cloud - is SCIM (The Simple Cloud Identity Management) the answer?

Please respond to the call for papers by email to f.hawkins@eema.org with answers to the following questions:-

  • Name of speaker:
  • e-mail:
  • Organisation name:
  • Contact name: }
  • e-mail: } if different from speaker name.
  • Organisation name: }
  • General subject area for which session the presentation is appropriate:
  • Title of 25 minute programme slot
  • 100 words to describe your presentation idea and its relevance to the conference:

We hope you will join in the debate on the future of European Identity implementations in March 2012.

Roger Dean,
Executive Director
If you are interested in promotional opportunities at this event please contact Roger Dean

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