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Subject: CSD01 Will Be Posted Soon

Hi all and Editors,

Please be patient regarding posting of CSD01. It is coming soon.  

As you know and as per motion of Mar. 1 (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/tosca/download.php/45330/TOSCA%20Minutes%202012-03-01.docx) and discussion on that day, we will also need you to create a CSD01 document based on WD2 (clean version with comments removed) and post to the Working Documents directory on JIRA. My understanding was always that no special template is needed and we could just update the cover page as you think appropriate, but I now notice some verbiage related to the WD template that is different from what I have known in the past. I have an inquiry open with TC Admin on this, as we may need a slightly different template or cover page. Back to you soon, but please consider this a friendly "heads-up" that you will need to post CSD01 as soon as all the details are clear. 

Paul Lipton
CA Technologies
VP, Industry Standards and Open Source 
Member, CA Council for Technical Excellence 
Office Phone: +1 609 583-9718
Mobile: +1 267 987-6887
Email: paul.lipton@ca.com

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