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Subject: Things noted in TOSCA CSD01 that you may want to address in your next version

Members of the TOSCA TC,

As mentioned, in preparing TOSCA CSD01, we noted some issues that I
want to bring to your attention. Normally we don't get into this much
detail in specification drafts but since we had to spend time in draft
1 and we noted these issues, we wanted to pass them along to you.

- Just procedurally, please continue to consolidate your working
drafts into a numbered version using the Working Draft template we
provided. We will convert that over into the CSD format when we
publish it and by continuing to polish and advance your WD, we'll
ensure that every fix (such as the ones below) will be carried forward
and not get lost in copies of files sloshing back and forth.

Issues noted -

- Some of the list bullets render in different sizes in the HTML.

For example, in section 6.2 Properties, the bullets next to
EnvironmentConstraints and DeploymentArtifacts are noticeably smaller
than the normal bullets. All the bullets look visually the same in
.doc and .pdf files. You may want to check the styles used as they are
different on these bullets and may be the cause of the problem.

- Some internal links in the Word doc are broken.

For example, on line 63, starting with "All information items
defined…" [XML Namespaces] is linked to #XMLNamespaces but a target
with this name doesn't exist. We also found this for #XMLSchema1 and

- Please make sure that each new section has the Heading 1 style applied.

We went through and did that on this draft. That starts a new page and
puts a rule above the heading which is the standard style. It wasn't
consistent on the current working draft.

- In the Normative References section, a few of the visible hyperlinks
are different from the links themselves (mostly capitalization
differences) and one - [BPMN 2.0] - isn't an active link.

- We went ahead and added the declared namespace to the list of
metadata on the cover page and created a namespace document for the
CSD even though we do not do this until the actual formal declaration
actually exists in a separate machine-readable file (e.g. schema).

We did because we understand that you will shortly approve the next
round and that the schemas will be included as separate files as
required by the TC Process document.

Please let me know if you have questions on any of these.


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
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