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Subject: TC Admin feedback on TOSCA CSD02

Members of the TOSCA TC,

We have checked over the latest working draft submission and it is is
good shape. Thanks very much. We have a couple of tickets queued up
ahead of it but should be working on it shortly.

Here are some items we came across during our QC so I thought I would
share them with you for future working drafts. Unless otherwise noted,
these are just heads up, not required changes.

- Sect. 2.3 Normative References: we noted that the reference to [BPMN
2.0] des not have linked URI and that the title includes “Beta 1” but
no such designation is visible on the referenced website.

-  Bracketed references in the text have inconsistent behavior.  For
example, some to [XML Namespaces] are live, but are not linked to the
entry in section 2.3, Normative References.  Others are not linked at
all (e.g., [XML Schema Part 1, XML Schema Part 2] in Section 2.5; [XML
Base, RFC 2396] in Section 2.7.2; [OVF] in 3.2.4).

- In Sect. 2.5, the linked text “Table 1” , but it doesn't display
itself as a link so it is not easily noticeable.

- Several sections have examples that include www.my.com as a domain.
www.my.com is a domain name owned by someone. While not required, I
ask TCs to use example.com or example.org as these are domain names
reserved by IANA specifically for use in documentation. We would like
to avoid using domain names that might cause unwanted traffic to
someone else's web sight.

- Conformance clauses - just a heads up / reminder that when you *do*
go out for public review, you will need to have conformance clauses in
your document. Not required for CSDs but required for CSPRDs. The TAB
has published guidelines to help with crafting good conformance
clauses at http://docs.oasis-open.org/templates/TCHandbook/ConformanceGuidelines.html

- The acknowledgements section - thank you for adding that in.
Typically it is either the first appendix or just before the revision

- The schema: Thanks for providing the plain text copy. The file is
named TOSCA-v1.0-wd05.xsd. Because schemas and other artifacts get
versioned in folders along with each release of your draft, we don't
put the "-wd05" on the names of computer files. We will take it off as
we publish this version. Also, if you could include a relative link to
the schema in the spec, that would be good as well. You can link it as
/schemas/TOSCA-v1.0.xsd and we will construct the folder  /schemas
inside /csd02/ to contain it.

- The TOSCA grammar: I assume that this is a normative file so this
should also be provided as a separate plain text computer file and
linked as above. If it is meant to be non-normative, please label it
as such to avoid confusion.

-  Appendix E includes a “Sample Service Topology Definition” which
sounds like it is non-normative. Please either label it as
non-normative or again provide a separate plain text file.

Thanks & congratulations on all this progress! Let me know if you have
any questions on any of this.

Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

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Mobile: +1 201-341-1393

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