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Subject: ANNOUNCE: TOSCA Interop SC Kickoff Meeting next Monday, Aug 27th


You are invited to attend the kickoff meeting next Monday, August 27th for the newly formed TOSCA Interop TC at 11:00 AM US Eastern time (10:00 AM US Central, 8:00 AM US Pacific).  

A regular weekly meeting has been created in Kavi with telecon information and Lotus SmartCloud meeting link.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE BOTH DIFFERENT THAN THE TC MEETING NUMBERS/ADDRESSES.

Here is a link to the calendar entry for the 1st call:

The agenda next week will focus heavily on discussing proposals for an interop scenario that features cross-provider deployment around some variant of the SugarCRM use case.  Please share ideas for like scenarios via the TC email list and include "INTEROP" in the subject line.

Looking forward to working with you all to make TOSCA a great success!

Kind regards,
Matt Rutkowski

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