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Subject: RE: Primer - Editorial Guidelines and Process

Hi TOSCA-ers,

Some folks in today's call asked me to resend this, so please see below. 


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Subject: [tosca] Primer - Editorial Guidelines and Process

Hi TOSCA-ers,

Some folks have expressed interest in how we will approach the Primer, from an editorial and process standpoint. It should come as no surprise that our approach will be very similar to the successful, transparent approach we used to develop the Spec, which is nearing completion. To summarize, our process will be, as I always say, "transparent, open, and no surprises." That said; there are details below, should you be interested, for after we reach a loose consensus on the preliminary ToC, hopefully this week. 

If there are questions or concerns, please contact the co-chairs and/or we can schedule a short discussion in the first week of November if there is interest. 

To paraphrase one of our esteemed editors, the role of the editors will be mainly to steer the content of each chapter; harmonize terminology;" smoothing" the flow of argumentation, etc...  Just like the role of the editors of the spec itself.

1. Editors will create a new redlined WD roughly every two weeks for TC comment and review.
2. The editors will walk the TC through the changes in each new redlined WD on the 1st week. There will usually be a couple meetings to discuss. 
3. Normally, the editors would accept the doc redline changes, create a newly numbered WD, and then based on instructions and comments that reach general consensus from the TC as well as other legitimate inputs (see below) continue work on that next red-lined WD. 
NOTE: The TC may also choose to make "milestone" WDs into Committee Note Drafts (CNDs) in order to give them limited standing in the committee and for the convenience of folks who wish to share a somewhat more authoritative document within their companies, etc.

As discussed in the TC, there will be a JIRA issue for each Primer chapter. Concrete proposals and comments made against each chapter should be placed the appropriate JIRA issue for that chapter, or in the Primer "bucket" issue for non-semantic changes (TOSCA-16). Again, this is very similar to the spec work we did.

* Any TC member can contribute a concrete proposal or comment through Kavi/JIRA. 
	* For concrete proposals, the editors may make stylist changes for consistency, and incorporate them with into the redlined WD with approval of the proposer.
	* Comments by TC members without an accompanying concrete proposal will be acted upon at the discretion of the editors, but the editors will at least respond to the comments in JIRA. 
* Editors can author a concrete proposal (just like the spec), but have no special privileges and go through the same TC approval process. 
* The Interop SC can also approve concrete proposals submit them via JIRA, but also has no special privileges. Those proposals also go through the same TC approval process.

* Editors will conduct one regular, OPEN call per week, in consideration of time and geographic diversity. 
* ALL editors must agree to the weekly time selected. It would be nice if the Co-Chairs agreed, too. :-)
* Meeting phone/video details will be posted to the Kavi TC calendar as a Kavi event.
* Any TC member can attend the editor's call, if they want. Those who are authoring contributions may very well want to do so.   
* Editors will post informal minutes from their meeting on Kavi (TC documents inside Meetings section). 


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