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Subject: IMPORTANT: Next 2 TOSCA TC Meetings Cancelled & Homework!

Hi TOSCA-ers,

After careful consultation with Simon, we have agreed to cancel the next two meetings of the TOSCA TC: this week's meeting on November 15th due to scheduling issues and next week's meeting on November 22nd due to the US Thanksgiving Holiday. These cancellations are the very first we have had all year. 

We will resume the TC meetings on Thursday, November 29th. In the meantime, may I remind you that there is plenty of homework. In particular, may I suggest that you take time to review Primer WD-04 (1), which contains introductory material. Please note that we will identify a later WD for review and approval by the TC for November 29th, rather than WD-04.

IMPORTANT: Please note that moving forward we will use just two simple JIRA issues for the Primer, which is NOT really issue-oriented like a spec:

--- >TOSCA-16: This issue is ONLY for NON-MATERIAL suggestions such as grammar, spelling, changing the order of material, style, etc.
---> TOSCA-60: This issue is a bucket for ALL MATERIAL contributions such as explanatory paragraphs, examples, etc.


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