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tosca message

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Subject: Example Statement of Use

Hi all,

As an action item, I promised to share a "template" of a Statement of Use (SoU). As you remember from past conversations, presuming that the TC approves the special ballot to advance the specification to Committee Spec over the next couple of weeks, we may find soon afterwards find that we would like to submit that Committee Specification to the OASIS Membership. 

As part of the requirements, we will need to have at least 3 SoU and will need to agree to a deadline for accepting these SoU, please consider this a "heads-up." The TC must approve by resolution each SoU as acceptable. When issued by an OASIS Organizational Member, a SoU must be endorsed by that member's Primary Representative. 

Here's an example:

To Whom it May Concern,
 The XXX Corporation is successfully using the Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) Version 1.0 Committee Specification 01 as approved on DATE in accordance with the mandatory conformance clauses specified therein and OASIS policy. 

NOTE: This phrase to commonly appended, but if you have not tested against other implementations, then I don't think it's required: "This implementation has been used with other independent implementations." 


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