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Subject: Making Future Meetings Clearer

Hi TOSCA-ers,

My apologies for any perceived "impedance mismatch" regarding the SC briefing. I was under the impression from last week's meeting and some private communication that there would be a more detailed presentation from the Interop SC on the current state of work (WD05). Apparently, the intent was just a very brief walkthrough. 

Therefore, in order to coordinate a smoother process and better alignment, I have reached out to editors and co-chairs so that we can better expedite the process, as well as review, provide feedback, and ultimately approve specific JIRA proposals from the Interop SC. 

In the interim, we will just continue the usual Interop SC report and questions/suggestions while focusing the TC on JIRA issues that cover things like new features, bugs, e.g., TOSCA-24 (Plan Portability API). 

Thanks for your understanding and support. 


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