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Subject: TOSCA PoC Discussion Invitation (NOT AN OASIS ACTIVITY)

Hi TOSCA-ers,


A meeting is being organized by T-Systems International GMBH. Apparently, they cannot join the TC at this time, but have invited any interested TOSCA TC experts to discuss questions regarding a TOSCA proof-of-concept that they are working on.


Just to be clear, this meeting information is being provided to you as potentially interested parties and as a courtesy. This meeting has nothing to do with OASIS and is *NOT* an activity of the TOSCA TC.


Technical information provided at that meeting should *NOT* be uploaded to the OASIS site.


The phone meeting is September 9th at 10:00 am EST. The below description was provided by Ryan Skipp, of T-Systems. Given the issue with prankster calls to OASIS, I will forward the meeting invitation to all interested parties directly. Please contact me directly (not through the TOSCA email list), if you are interested.



1.      Based on the PoC described in the PDF document, certain of the T-Systems’ PoC Team would like to discuss questions and that have arisen during this work, to achieve clarification and guidance, towards achieving a successful result for the PoC, and recommendations for future adoption and integration of the TOSCA framework.

2.      We believe that the OASIS TC member/s that attends, will benefit by gaining insight to some of the challenges arising from interpreting or using the current TOSCA framework, and be able to use those to influence ongoing practical TOSCA development, based on real system results.

3.      T-Systems will facilitate the meeting, and will work through the list of questions provided in the document.   The list of questions in the document amount to the agenda of the ad-hoc call which has been requested.

4.      Answers to the questions should be achieved by means of discussion in this meeting, and in certain cases may result in ad-hoc written follow ups.







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