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Subject: Starter document for TOSCA Primer v1.1 (instead of 2.0)

Hi all,

I understand that the next version of the TOSCA specification will use the version number 1.1 instead of the earlier proposed 2.0. 
I've already coordinated with the specification Editors (Thomas Spatzier and Derek Palma) to adjust the TOSCA v1.1 specification template.

I have also made the necessary modifications to the attached template (starter document) for the Primer v1.1 document, to maintain a parallel version number.  This should be a replacement for the template sent earlier, in the email:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Paul Knight  - Tel: +1 781-861-1013
OASIS - Advancing open standards for the information society
Document Process Analyst

Attachment: tosca-primer-v1.1-wd01.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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