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Subject: RE: Requesting leave of absence

Hi Peter,

Just to make things perfectly clear, please be aware that OASIS Policy dictates that a Leave of Absence (LOA) be submitted at least 7 days before going into effect. I would be glad to interpret this as a LOA request starting on the 25th, if you'd like. 

FYI, since you attended last week's meeting and we are not having a TC meeting on either December 26th or January 2nd, you would not need this LOA unless you thought you would miss our meeting of January 9th. If you miss the meeting of the 9th without a LOA, you will lose voting privileges. 

That said; until/unless you indicate that you wish to withdraw the LOA request tomorrow, we will certainly be glad to grant it effective December 25th. 

And, of course, happy holidays and New Year! :-)

Thanks and regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Gibbels, Peter [mailto:peter.gibbels@hp.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013 8:38 AM
To: Lipton, Paul C; Simon D Moser
Cc: tosca@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Requesting leave of absence 

Hi Paul, Simon,

I will be on vacation starting December 26th until January 12th and I am therefore requesting a leave of absence for TC meetings held in that period.

Thanks and regards,

Peter Gibbels,
Solution Architecture
HP Software
Mobile: +49 151 1475 1380
Homeoffice +49 2409 702425
40880 Ratingen, Berlinerstrasse 111, Germany peter.gibbels@hp.com


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