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Subject: TOSCA Monitoring ad hoc notification

As discussed in this week's TC meeting, a 'pre-meeting' of the Monitoring ad hoc group was held to discuss possible meeting times, meeting frequency and potential use cases to address. The current plan is to meet weekly on Mondays at 8AM CST (2PM UTC) starting January 5 2015. If you would like to attend, please send Chip Holden and/or Ifat Afek an email and we will send out the Webex information when it is available. In the email, it would great also if you include any use cases you consider a high priority to be addressed with respect to monitoring and TOSCA. We will compile the responses and use them to create an initial agenda for the group

If you have a strong interest in attending but cannot make the time, please let us know. The proposed time was settled upon in the pre-meeting after considering a wide diversity of calendars and time zones represented even in a group as small as six. However, we do want to make sure as many people who want to participate can participate. 


Chip Holden | Principal Architect
chip@zenoss.com | www.zenoss.com | skype: misterchippy

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