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tosca message

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Subject: Speaker request: Virtual Cloud Plugfest: March 23-27, Virginia, US

TC members,

This morning I received a request for a TOSCA speaker with the following information:


Speaker requested to present TOSCA either remotely or in person at the next Virtual Cloud Plugfest to take place in association with the GEC 22 / US Ignite / OGF 43 and GLIF conferences the week of March 23-27, 2015. The physical location of the event is in Crystal City, Virginia and there will also be a CSCC Cloud Privacy summit that same week, Thursday March 26, nearby in Reston, VA.


I have offered to attend remotely, but if someone can volunteer to appear in-person, that of course would be better.

Please reply if you may have interest and I will get you connected.

Kind regards,

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