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Subject: RE: [tosca] TC Members: Speaking Opportunity (maybe more) at Open Networking Summit

Hi Richard,


Thank you for stepping forward. Given the caliber and enthusiasm of our TOSCA-teers, I am not surprised that in less than 24 hours we now have three highly accomplished TC members committed to success. You join Sridhar and Chris as volunteers with the NFV Ad Hoc and the Technical Marketing and Education Ad Hocs working collaborative, as drivers.


Naturally, the TC will ultimately need to review/approve all participants and materials, and afterwards encourage all their colleagues to promote our session and attend!





From: Probst, Richard [mailto:richard.probst@sap.com]
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2016 10:53 AM
To: Lipton, Paul C <Paul.Lipton@ca.com>
Cc: tosca@lists.oasis-open.org; smoser@de.ibm.com; Jeremy Hess <jeremy@gigaspaces.com>; Higley, Lowell H <Lowell.Higley@ca.com>; lishitao@huawei.com
Subject: Re: [tosca] TC Members: Speaking Opportunity (maybe more) at Open Networking Summit


Hi Paul et al,


Yes, I could help cover this speaking opportunity. You can submit my name as a presenter or co-presenter. 




On Feb 4, 2016, at 2:22 PM, Lipton, Paul C <Paul.Lipton@ca.com> wrote:

Hi TOSCA-teers,


I have been informed that OASIS has agreed to support the Open Networking Summit (1), to be held on March 14-17 in Santa Clara, CA.  The organizers have specifically mentioned an interest in TOSCA presentation (and possibly some sort of table space – details forthcoming).


As you know, the TC has approved a large set of technical marketing slides (some with scripts) used at conferences such as the ETSI NFV sponsored conference and at OSCON last year that could serve as a foundation for such an opportunity.


If you are interested in (co-)presenting on TOSCA and likely the NFV Simple Profile given the nature of the conference, please respond directly to me and the CC’d persons on this email (Simon, NFV Simple Profile Ad Hoc Lead, and Technical Marketing and Education Ad Hoc Leads) indicating that you could attend. We need to know if we have interested persons available ASAP.


(1)    http://opennetsummit.org/





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