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Subject: TOSCA Implementations (and more) for the Wiki

Hi Everyone,

In our latest TM&E meeting, the team discussed how we can make good use of the Wiki in order to have more content to use for promotion as well as assisting for organic search.

Our top priority is to create a list of known TOSCA implementations by various companies and/or projects. This list is informal and will not contain any marketing or promotional language.

So, in order to get the ball rolling, I would like to please ask that anyone whose company, or any individual, that is part of a TOSCA implementation project, please send Lowell (CCed), Paul, and myself and email with three sentences on the implementation, without any promotional language.

If you are aware of an implementation, but are not part of it, please reach out to us as well with any information you have so that we may follow-up with them in order to get that on the Wiki.

Other Wiki pages we are planning to include:
Blogs and interviews
- Academic papers
- Links to TOSCA public slides and videos
- An event calendar for TOSCA participation

Thanks! Lowell and Jeremy

Jeremy Hess
Community & Growth Manager, Cloudify

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