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tosca message

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Subject: OpenStack TOSCA-Parser 0.6.0 release

Hello Everyone, 

FYI, on behalf of the OpenStack TOSCA-Parser team, I am pleased to announce the 0.6.0 PyPI release of OpenStack tosca-parser which can be downloaded from https://pypi.python.org/pypi/tosca-parser

This release includes following enhancements:
-Python 3.5 support
-Support for TOSCA Repository which is an external repository in TOSCA service template containing deployment and implementation artifacts
-Implementation of triggers in policies
-Support for Credential data type
-Support for Token function
-get_attribute function support for optional requirement or capability
-Refactoring of TOSCA definition file for easy reuse
-Added new exception UnsupportedType to handle TOSCA types that are not supported in parser at any given time 
-New test template for Container node type
-NFV definition updates for NFV.CP and NFV.VNFFG
-Moved to use urllib2 from urllib to use with input templates specified via URL
-Requirements updates
-Small bug fixes


Sahdev Zala

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