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Subject: Request For Information - TOSCA Implementations and Academic Papers

Hi Everyone,

For all who joined the call today, you are now familiar with the TM&E's work on the TOSCA Wiki.

The first order of business is to get known TOSCA implementations on the wiki. This can then be used as a great tool to show how TOSCA is being used in the real world and growing. Please send your implementations with a one or two line explainer, along with a link, and I will happily post it.

Second, is the Academic Paper section. I am not very familiar yet with the formal papers out there on TOSCA. Please send any links to Academic Papers and I will add those to a new page.

If you have ideas for links or information that you think should be put on the homepage of the wiki, please let us know.


Jeremy Hess
Community & Growth Manager, Cloudify

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