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Subject: ATTENTION: Calling for Statements of Use by TC and Non-TC Members

Hi TOSCA-teers,

As I covered in today’s TC meeting, please make every effort to support TOSCA and demonstrate our growing eco-system with a Statement of Use (SoU). OASIS is “careful” about wording, so please feel free to use these exact words without anybody thinking you are “uncreative!” ;-) Consider just changing the appropriate names and choosing “did not” or “did” in the last sentence (both choices are acceptable).

Note, if you are not the Primary Representative for your organization, please have your Primary Representative (who may not have posting rights on our email reflector) email the SoU to you, and then please forward to the TC at tosca@lists.oasis-open.org.

Non-OASIS member organizations (ONLY) should submit a SoU via the TC's comment facility at https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/comments/index.php?wg_abbrev=tosca


Dear TOSCA Chairs and TOSCA TC,

As Primary Representative for COMPANY_ORGANIZATION_NAME to OASIS, I approve the following interoperability statement:

"COMPANY_ORGANIZATION_NAME has been successfully using the TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML Version 1.1 Committee Specification 01, as approved and published by OASIS on August 8, 2017 in accordance with the mandatory conformance clauses specified therein and OASIS policy. This successful implementation [[did not / did]] include the interoperation of multiple independent implementations"

Best Regards,


Please contact me directly, should you have any questions or concerns.


Paul Lipton

TOSCA TC Co-chair

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