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Subject: Re: [tosca] Informal ATT Parser Talk This Thursday

AT&T may have approached Paul directly for this. We could do something similar for ARIA.

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 11:42 AM, Lipton, Paul C <Paul.Lipton@ca.com> wrote:

Hello TOSCA-teers,


We are pleased to offer an opportunity to attend a talk by ATT people on their TOSCA Parser this Thursday. The TOSCA TC will adjourn at 1:00pm ET (EU people and others, please adjust your calendars to reflect the shift to standard time in your time zones). At that point, lines and web conference will stay open for a 30 minute, informal presentation and Q&A session.





Michael Brenner, Chief Architect NFV

M: +1-732-895-5772http://getcloudify.org@cloudifysource


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