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tosca message

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Subject: Survey IaC

Hello TOSCAteers!

as promised a few calls back, hereâs a first request for input from you on several works I have bootstrapped around TOSCA. Following the link youâll be presented with a short survey - please disseminate internally as much as possible! 


best regards and thanks in advance,


Damian Andrew Tamburri, Ph.D. 
Visiting Professor

Politecnico di Milano
Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informatica e Bioingegneria - Via Golgi 42, 3rd Floor 
Cell: +39 3491279924
Email: mailto:damianandrew.tamburri@polimi.it

Executive Director, Jheronimus Academy Data & Engineering (JADE) Lab
Secretary, OASIS TOSCA Standard Technical Committee
Secretary, IFIP - WG 2.14 / 6.12 / 8.10 on Service-Oriented Systems
Social Media Team Leader, IEEE Software

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