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Subject: TC Meeting 12/13 Chat (with Q&A on TosKer) & Thank You All!

Hi TOSCA-teers,


Please find the chat log from our meeting of December 13th (the regular chat was down). FYI, after Jacopo’s session on TosKer and the TC meeting was adjourned, additional notes are including in the attached that cover the TosKer Q&A session.


Thanks again to our esteemed TC Secretary, Damian, for all his hard work, not to mention the hard work and dedication of my esteemed fellow-Chair, Chris, the Co-leaders of the YAML Ad Hoc, Claude and Matt, and not least the many active and dedicated technical contributors who have helped accelerate and improve TOSCA so notably this year.


Wishing you all a happy holiday season and New Year. The first TC meeting of 2019 is scheduled for January 10th.


Best regards,


Attachment: TOSCA TC (substitute) CHAT 12_13_2018.docx
Description: TOSCA TC (substitute) CHAT 12_13_2018.docx

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