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Subject: Machine Translation

Hello TC,

I am working in a research project, which, in short, covers traffic
information services.
One of my jobs is to describe standards relating to language translation
services, whereas in the context of our research project only machine
translation could be used. That means a customer party (a service)
generates some content, which should be translated with MT by the
translating party, and the translating party sends the translated
content back to the customer party - all of this automatically without
human interaction.

So I found your 'Translation Web Services Specification' 
(document at
but I have my problems with this: 

1. I don't see how a machine translation should be processed - which
methods (in which order) have to be used? The main content of the
document describes methods which are usable in (greater) localisation
projects - but this is out of my scope. I thought of 'submitJob' and
'retrieveJob' in my context, but in which way they could be used, and
e.g. at what time has the quote to be exhanged? 

2. The main question in this context: how can a customer send the
content (which has to be translated) to the service provider?
I only see 'submitJob' (because it avoids the need of negotiation of a
quote - this has to be done before, I think), but this method has no
possibility to send the content or the link to a document which contains
the content in textual form to the service provider.
I must probably lose sight of something, but what?

3. The creation of job tickets is also an open question to me: is it
right that a customer defines the job-identifier, and that the service
provider uses this?

Is it possible that you answer me these questions?

Many thanks in advance,

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