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Subject: [trans-ws] Opening Statement

We have a web service working with a number of clients in order to integrate with Content Management and similar systems.

I would like to see a standard defined for the issuing of documents or translatable items from such systems to translation companies and for the return of the translated items.  I would also like to see a review or additional processes specified for the same translation unit to be issued a number of times.  Also the cancellation of a unit and the reinstatement of a cancelled translation.  The creation of a standard will hopefully, over time, stop us having to get development teams at CMS vendors and other client application teams writing to a proprietory specification.  It may also mean that they are ready to plug in to us before we arrive, and even better, may be that they find us through UDDI - although this has not worked for us so far. 

Ian Harris 
Technical Director 
Leeds LS6 2AE


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