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Subject: [trans-ws] minutes of the Translation Web Service TC for January 16th

Hi all,
The minutes of the Translation Web Service TC for January 16th are below.
1/ Welcome
Peter welcomed the group to the first meeting and outlined the agenda for this meeting which is a standard one for first meetings of TC.
2/ Roll-call
Attendance: Tony Jewtushenko, Bill Looby, Milan Karasek, Ian Harris, Paul Goulbourn, Alex Lamb, Anrezej Zydrone, Arle Lomell, Stephen Flinter, Christian Lieske, Reinhard Schaler, Joeri Van de Walle, Peter Reynolds
Apologies: Steven Holmes, Sukumar Munshi, Gérard Cattin des Bois
Each member of the TC briefly introduced themselves to the rest of the meeting.
3/ Review of Oasis TC process and IPR policy
Karl Best of Oasis welcomed the group to Oasis, outlined the role of Oasis and their IPR policy.
4/ Review of TC Charter - It was decided not to amend the statement of purpose at this stage.
5/ Standing rules for TC
It was agreed to use Roberts rules http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.shtml#roberts_rules for our meetings. It was agreed that we would allow use of email voting when the TC feel it is needed.
6/ Selection of officers:
Vice- Chair - Reinhard Schaler
Editor - Bill Looby
Secretary - Tony Jewtushenko
Assistant Secretary - Reinhard Schaler
We will work through Oasis for the web page.
7/ Liaison with other groups
The following are the groups we agreed to liaise with and the people responsible for this.
Localisation Resource Centre (LRC) - Reinhard Schaler
LISA / OSCAR group - Arle Lomell
XLIFF TC - Milan Karasek
We will for the present work through the XLIFF TC in liaising with W3C. Their representative is Christian Lieske who is a member of this TC.
Bill will investigate whether we should have a relationship with the Dublin Core group.
Arle will investigate whether we should have a relationship with ISO.
8/ Sub-committees/ TC management
It was agreed that we would not split into sub-committees at present but may use this at a later stage.
It was agreed that members would send a short mail to the group outlining their interest, what they are using Web Services for at present and what they intend using them in the future.
It was agreed that meetings would be held every second week on a Thursday.
Meetings will last one hour but where they needed the meeting can decide to extend this.
9/ Next meeting
This will take place on Thursday January 30th.
There will be an officers meeting to decide on the agenda for the next few meetings.

Peter Reynolds, Software Development Manager
Bowne Global Solutions, formerly Berlitz GlobalNET
3, West Pier Business Campus, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Tel: +353-1-202-1280
Fax: +353-1- 202-1299
Web Site: http//www.bowneglobal.com


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